Transfers of real estate property

The Law office BÁNOS s.r.o. provides you comprehensive legal services in transfers of real estate property (houses, flats, non-residential premises, plots, shares) with special focus on:

  • legal advisory in the area of land law
  • complete documents´ preparation and elaboration for your property transfers (contract of sale, donation agreement, agreement of cancelling and settling the tenancy in common, agreement of settling the tenancy by the entirety, agreement of the future contract, agreement of establishment the easement, pledge agreement) and the verification and checkup already concluded contracts with the aim of ensuring the peace
  • completing the proposal of the ownership contribution into the Real Estate Register, including representing you in estate proceedings
  • legal advisory in the area of leasehold, lease and sublease of the flat, non-residential premises, plots etc.

HEADS UP: We are ready to elaborate agreements on transfer of real estate property within the limit from 24 to 48 hours depending upon the delivery of all backgrounds papers and information but it is also possible to agree about another (even shorter) time limit.

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