On behalf of providing comprehensive legal services, the law office BÁNOS s.r.o. intensively cooperates with specialists in the fields of tax and account consulting, renowned and well-established executor offices, notaries, referees, psychiatrists and also with the legal offices of Hungary and Czech Republic. 

The legal office collaborates inter alia with:

The International Law Office – is an international legal organization which provides international legal services by its prominent members around the world.

The AEA International Lawyers Network – the main objective of the Association is to offer services on a global scale.

PRoFEA s.r.o. – deals with economic and financial consulting, financial analyses, maintenance of accounts, intercession in the sector of granting credit, receiving deposits, insurances and assurance, certificate of accounts securing.

Mgr. Katarína Baňárová – the Executor Office Dunajská Streda