Establishment of a partnership or a company

The Law office BÁNOS s.r.o. provides you comprehensive legal services in the establishment of partnerships or companies, with special focus on:

  • preparing and elaborating all documents needed to establish a partnership or a company (the establishment deed, the memorandum of association or the founders– deed, all declaration on oath concerned, request of registration of the partnership or the company into the Companies Register)
  • fast and troublefree registration of the partnership or the company into the Trade register and the Companies Register, registration of the partnership or the company in the revenue authority for the income tax and VAT
  • representing our clients before the Registration court and the Trade register
  • performing changes in the Companies Register (change of business name, registered office, executive directors, the scope of activities, reduction or increase the amount of the registered capital transfers of ownership interest, relation between partners, liquidation and cancellation of the partnership from the Companies register)
  • comprehensive legal advisory relating to partnerships or companies
  • „ready made companies“ by our partners
  • establishing and managing the registered office for your partnership or company (officehousing) in cooperation with our partners – establishment of a partnership´s or a company´s registered office, marking a property, receiving and taking over your postal matters, information of the postal matters by e-mail)

HEADS UP: There is the court fee for the establishment of a partnership or a company in the amount of 331, 50 EUR. Owing to the disposition of the Guaranteed Electronic Signature, the Legal office JUDr. Róbert Bános pays only half of the standard court fee which means – if you apply for our services, your court fee will by only 165,75 EUR.

We provide for you the establishment of a partnership or a company and also all legal acts concerned in cooperation with our partnership legal offices or legal firms on the whole territory of the Republic of Hungary and the Czech Republic.

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