Consumer protection in internet

New Slovak and European Union legislation in the area of consumer protection establishes a new way of governing the formal aspects of consumer contract provisions. Failure to respect new provisions is sanctioned by nullity of the contract or by providing to consumers longer period to do the rescissions of contract. In practice it means, if an entrepreneur (mainly e-shop entrepreneurs) fails to fulfill new law provisions, a consumer can withdraw from the contract in a longer period or bring an action about nullity of the contract in court. The entrepreneur will be also sanctioned by the Slovak Trade Inspection. Advokátska kancelária BÁNOS s.r.o. law firm will make for your company a consumer protection ´s analysis (general commercial conditions, your website etc.) and elaborate you an offer for comprehensive legal services in the area of consumer protection within which provides you mainly:

  • consumer protection´s analysis in your company
  • determination, elaborating or reformation your company´s commercial conditions, complaints procedure, rescissions of contract and other documentation pursuant to Slovak and European Union legislation
  • determination your other obligations pursuant to Slovak and European Union legislation
  • representation your company in proceedings of the Slovak Trade Inspection
  • representation your company in court proceedings
  • etc.

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